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Fair Pay Services is here to help you, and hundreds of other contractors make the most of your income.  All of your tax and other deductions are automatically deducted each time you’re paid, keeping everything correct with HMRC.

An Umbrella Company can be the most straightforward way for contractors to get paid.  They are companies that employ temporary workers, (agency worker or contractor) on behalf of an Employment Businesses, or End-Hirer’s. The Umbrella Company does not find work for the workers they employ, it is the Employment Business that provides the services of those workers to their clients.


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Why not enter your Gross Contract Income to see what the net take home pay would be through Fair Pay Services PAYE Umbrella payroll model?

For the figures shown, we have assumed a 1257L W1/M1 tax code and a worker that has opted out of our auto enrolment pension scheme. 

For a more specifically tailored example, including student loans, salary sacrifice pension contributions or discounts related to your specific recruitment agency or end-hirer, please click below to submit a form or contact our Sales Team;

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News & Updates

Recruiters: Why do Umbrella Companies Conduct Right to Work Checks?

Getting your contractors registered with an umbrella company should be relatively simple, but there are some things that the umbrella absolutely must do before they can pay your contractors for the first time, even if they result in frustrating...

Updates to the Shortage Occupation List – What Recruiters Need to Know

If you’ve engaged overseas contractors on a skilled worker visa, there are some recent changes that you need to be aware of. The main effect is to make it easier for workers to take additional work, once the conditions of their sponsorship are met....

Amazing benefits for Our Umbrella Company Employees

At Fair Pay Services, we’re determined to be a powerful positive force in the lives of our umbrella employees. Part of that just involves doing what you expect of us - paying you correctly and on time, supporting you as your employer and getting...

As a Contractor, Do I Get a Pension?

Investing in your future has always been a good idea, and pensions are an obvious way to start. The earlier you start saving, the easier it will be to give your future self the gift of a comfortable retirement, so in this article we’re looking at...

Umbrella Company Pay: Why it Should be Predictable

The question of when our employees will be paid is by far the most common query we receive, just because it’s so important to contractors to know when to expect their money. In fact, in our experience, predictable pay is the answer to most of the...



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