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PAYE Umbrella


We manage the onboarding of your contractors from the very first step.

Changes in legislation have resulted in traditional PAYE Umbrella solutions no longer delivering optimum returns for contractors. Without travel and subsistence relief today’s Umbrella is a simple outsourced employment management solution and should be priced accordingly. Fair Pay Services provide a cost effective solution whilst delivering a high level of service and operational efficiency to contractors and agencies.

In addition to the efficiencies, we also offer an unbeatable Employee Benefits package for all of our contractors. They will receive a login for our website and app which features over 200 exclusive perks and discounts. From great price cinema tickets, to money off meals out, these have been handpicked to offer them real world savings and value!

Contractors are fully employed on a contract of employment, which provides continuity and stability through any series of assignments as well as full employment rights and dedicated HR support. All income is paid as employment income and PAYE and NICs are deducted at source.

Offering the same fantastic benefits similar to an outsourced PAYE, Fair Pay Services provides contractors with continuing employment (OAC) and ability to claim allowable expenses at year end through personal tax returns.

Fair Pay Services is available at one of the lowest weekly margins in the marketplace. Additionally, if your contractors are paid monthly, it is the equivalent of just 3 weeks margin rather than 4. — we truly are one of the lowest cost Umbrella solutions in the market with a huge host of benefits available!

Professional Compliance

Being powered by Flexr combines humanity and technology through a dedicated call centre to support and assist with any enquiries your contractors may have.

Flexr provide dedicated online employee portals and a user friendly smartphone App that gives 24/7 access to;

  • Full visibility of all their timesheet and employment records
  • A simple tool to manage booking holidays
  • Their own ‘personal assistant’ for any work related matters

It ensures that contractors can always access dedicated HR support, securely view their timesheets & payslips at any time & agencies can easily and securely submit timesheet data.

Invoicing and payroll can be processed daily via Flexr’s web portal.

This combination of humanity and technology allows us to deliver all of this at a fraction of the cost of a traditional umbrella.


Agencies have the ability to create an accurate and fully personalised Key Information Document for their contractors within seconds using their Flexr portal.

Agencies are also able to download a fully accurate Onshore Intermediaries Report that is ready to upload to their HMRC Government Gateway to comply with reporting requirements.

Standard Benefits

All contractors that are employed by us are automatically enrolled into our unbeatable benefits package.  Following their first payroll, they will receive a login for Flexr Rewards which features thousands of exclusive perks and discounts to help their salaries go that little bit further!

From supermarket discounts with Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Asda, Waitrose & Marks & Spencer.  Great price cinema tickets, money off of meals out, coffee shops and more, these have been handpicked to promote financial, physical, and emotional wellbeing for all of our contractors.

To use a perk or discount, they simply login and either purchase a gift card to receive instant Cashback or generate a code, show the code to the cashier and your discount is automatically applied.  It couldn’t be easier!

All contractors that are employed by us are automatically covered by our £25,000 Group Personal Accident Insurance policy.
This includes accidents that occur while they are at work, and during their commute to and from work.  We even include cover for them if they are working from  home!
They don’t need to do anything to register for this, just get in touch with us to let us know if you’ve they’ve been involved in an accident and we will start the process.

Net Pay Calculator

Why not enter your contractor’s gross weekly contract income to see what the net take home pay would be through Fair Pay Services PAYE Umbrella payroll model?

For the figures shown, we have assumed a 1257L W1/M1 tax code and a worker that has opted out of our auto enrolment pension scheme. 

For a more specifically tailored example, including pension contributions and more, please;

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