Fair Pay Services have a commitment to compliance and continual improvement.  We are one of a handful of payroll partners to hold both FCSA and Professional Passport accreditations which demonstrates this.  We are also approved service providers to TEAM.

Worker and contractor welfare is of the utmost importance to us and shapes everything that we do as a business.  We will continue to drive forwards and develop our business in the best interests of all who deal with us.

The FCSA operates a best practice Codes of Compliance designed to ensure that its Accredited Members provide services, advice and employment to the highest level of professional and ethical standards in the UK.  The FCSA Codes of Compliance provides complete peace of mind to recruiters when selecting umbrella employers, contractor accountants and CIS payroll providers for their preferred supplier list for the following reasons:

  • The FCSA Codes of Compliance has been developed by Ernst & Young, in consultation with HMRC, and is available to the public on the FCSA website.
  • All FCSA Accredited Members are tested annually against the FCSA Codes of Compliance by independent, carefully selected assessors.
  • The assessors are top-tier regulated accountants and solicitors bound by their own professional standards and code of conduct and are independent of the FCSA.
  • The assessors are experts in the sector and are carefully selected by the FCSA.
  • The FCSA Codes of Compliance is continually updated to reflect current legislation.
  • Non-compliance by FCSA Accredited Members results in the suspension or termination of FCSA Accredited Membership.

Professional Passport is completely independent of any provider, agency or end client and as such they are in a unique position to objectively advise each sector of the marketplace.

Their compliance standards go further and are designed to not only ensure that providers they recommend operate compliantly within HMRC tax rules but also across the many other areas of legislation that apply. They require the highest level of transparency in their operations to ensure workers are clear on any arrangements entered into.

Professional Passport are continually reviewing and updating their standards to keep their providers at the forefront of operational standards and driving best practice across the sector. Furthermore, often legislation does not change but how this is interpreted and enforced can so they ensure any enforcement changes are reflected in their compliance standards.

Agencies and end clients that work with Professional Passport approved provider’s can also benefit from FREE OF CHARGE Professional Passport membership including £5 million debt transfer insurance.

Fair Pay Services are very proud to have successfully completed Professional Passport’s assessment process and to take our place with the other providers who place a high importance on compliance.

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